What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Services

“Kubosh is an angel!”

Paul Kubosh is a Houston hero. He spearheaded the effort to take down those awful red light cameras. Despite the lies on TV, studies showed that accidents actually went up after the addition of the red light cameras because people’s fear of being ticketed caused them to brake in inappropriate circumstances. I remember when I was horribly sick and had a pile of medical bills, Kubosh took my case for almost nothing. After talking with his staff they put me in touch with him. He is the nicest guy you could ever meet. They were all very friendly and nice people, and they did a darn good job with my case. I recommend him to everyone I know.

Satisfied Client

“They executed their strategies well and we came out on top.”

I’ve always had a pleasant experience with Kubosh. Both of my tickets have been dismissed because of the experience my defenders had. They executed their strategies well and we came out on top. Most of the things a lawyer does for you is something you can do if your unrepresented. I’ve gone plenty of times with now attorney. It’s for the things that you can’t do or argue yourself that you hire an attorney for. Example: My officer showed up and I was not opting for deferred or defensive driving. We waited all day and the officer left. They wanted to reschedule me but my lawyer fought and let them know we were present and ready for trial. They had no other option other than to dismiss my case since the officer was no longer there. Without my lawyer they would have simply walked all over me and rescheduled for a new date.

Satisfied Client

“Wish I hired them directly in the first place!”

The Kubosh law firm represented me today and I’m very satisfied with the favorable outcome. They were covering for the law firm I hired which was unexpected, but they explained this to me before reviewing. They reviewed the details of my case and then presented the issues to the judge and prosecutor- the case was dismissed based on a defective complaint. Nice work, wish I hired them directly in the first place.

Satisfied Client

“Amazing firm!”

I received a ticket and my friend said ”Call Kubosh” I thought ok worth a try and to my surprise it cost me way less money than the ticket and court cost and defensive driving.. that was about $900.00 well I paid $60.00 lol..lol.. I am proud to say my friends, family and teens are clients of Kubosh. If you don’t want to plead guilty and have it on your record and pay hundreds of dollars and take defensive driving listen!!! I have been a client for over twenty-five years.

Satisfied Client


Janikka was absolutely amazing! She was calm and confident! And just when I thought there was no hope to get out of my ticket or pay a huge fine she came to my rescue! She is friendly, understanding, and worked extremely hard to get the ticket dismissed for me. I would recommend her and Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, to anyone! Thank you so much!!

Satisfied Client

“Thanks for the way that your attorney handled my son’s traffic ticket case.”

I just wanted to drop a line and express my thanks for the way that your attorney handled my son’s traffic ticket case yesterday in Montgomery. All the best.

Satisfied Client