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Getting a traffic ticket is something that can be very frustrating for many people. Most traffic violations are considered to be a Class C misdemeanor that are not normally considered to be very serious. By paying the fines and fulfilling any community service obligations stemming from the violation, you are able to avoid great fines and possibly even jail time. Having the representation of Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, means you are receiving legal counsel from a traffic lawyer in Brazoria County who can pursue the dismissal of the ticket or the reduction of penalties.

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Our Brazoria County traffic ticket lawyers handle the following and more:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Moving violations
  • Red light violations
  • Tickets after accidents
  • Speeding
  • Insurance, license and registration issues

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Our legal team at Paul Kubosh, Attorney at Law, is committed to providing each of our clients with adequate and competent legal counsel. We can develop a personalized and tailored defense strategy that is based on helping our clients. The lawyers at our firm have handled hundreds of thousands of traffic ticket cases. You can enlist the help of our accomplished attorneys to fight for your rights as a motorist in Brazoria County.

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Our team can provide you with legal services that can protect your driving record, license and insurance rates. We also have a bilingual staff that speaks English and Spanish.

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