Helpful Tips to Fight a Speeding Ticket

Helpful Tips to Fight a Speeding Ticket

| Jul 6, 2017 | Traffic Tickets |

Just because you got a speeding or other traffic ticket, doesn’t mean you need to pay it. While successfully fighting a
ticket can be complicated, the effort can absolutely pay off—by not having to pay anything.

The following are several ways you can fight your speeding ticket:

  • Challenge the police officer’s subjective conclusion. It is possible to challenge the law enforcement officer’s view
    of what transpired during the time you got a ticket. It can benefit your
    case if you can determine the facts that tend to demonstrate that the
    officer was not in a good location to accurately view what occurred or
    was busy doing other tasks. In some cases, the posted speed limit is not
    an absolute limit at all, but instead, a legal presumption as to the safe
    speed for that road. This raises the possibility of challenging the officer’s
    judgment by proving it was safe to slightly exceed the posted limit.
  • Challenge the police officer’s observations. The final decision of your case can boil down to an argument about whose
    version of the facts is correct. While law enforcement officers typically
    win in these instances, there are ways you can cast real doubt on their
    ability to accurately perceive the events which transpired. Types of evidence
    that can help you in this instance are witness statements, photographs
    of the scene, and also a clear diagram showing where your vehicle and
    the officer’s vehicle were in relation to the location of the alleged
  • Prove your conduct was necessary to avoid harm. Emergencies not of your own making are considered legal necessities. For
    example, if you can prove that you sped up to avoid an out-of-control
    semi-truck, you should be able to beat a speeding charge. The most important
    aspect is to argue that you were forced to violate the law in order to
    avoid serious and immediate danger to yourself and others.

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